SHIBAZZLE (aka kelly jones) is an NYC-based storyboard artist and designer with almost a decade in both the graphic design and animation industries. After graduating with a BFA in Animation in 2007 at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, kj went on to work in NYC as both a full-time storyboard artist at Nickelodeon on 'Team Umizoomi' and 'Blaze & the Monster Machines', and as a freelance illustrator/designer with a number of other studios and productions. One of her films, The Ballad of Thaddeus Lowe, has won a number of awards and was also featured in a special exhibit at the Smithsonian Institute.

Way back when in college, kj had plans to make her very first portfolio website. Unfortunately, all the domains using her actual name were taken. Out of frustration, she cried, "Why didn't my mom name me something more exciting! Like, I dunno... kelly shibazzle jones?!" Boom.

In that moment, SHIBAZZLE was born.