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Our Story

Shibazzle is a design and animation house helmed by creative director, designer and storyboard artist, Kelly Jones.

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Who We Are

Over the years, Shibazzle has worked on projects such as Nickelodeon’s Team Umizoomi, Blaze & the Monster Machines, Sesame’s Esme + Roy and Netflix’s Mortified Guide.


Recently, Kelly has served as a Lead Storyboard Artist

for Showtime’s Cartoon President. With Shibazzle, Kelly has had the opportunity to lead a variety of projects - create logo designs for rising stars, like Chef Rōze Traore, direct animated music

videos and produce illustrated children’s books.

Our Team

Shibazzle is supported by a team of seasoned professionals fulfilling our mission of delivering exceptional and original work. We are a family of creative minds–working closely

with one another tapping into our specific skills.

Check out our gallery of work on instagram!

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